Welcome to my Bigfoot webpage. October 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the famous Patterson/Gimlin film, which convinced me that the figure in the 16mm film was a genuine hominid species, through studying several analysis reports by anthropologists  and examination videos of the 1967 footage. But the debate on Bigfoot still continues after 50 years, so I decided to take the 'best of the best' evidence of the existence of Bigfoot and place it onto one webpage, as well as my own insight, enjoy!   Bob
"It blows my mind it's taken this much time for society to accept this species exists." - Canadian Bigfoot Researcher Todd Standing


       Bigfoot.  A legend that has spanned the ages ever since humans crossed over into North America thousands of years ago. Sometimes it seems to waver between myth and fact whenever large footprints or a sighting of a large man-like creature has been reported, its image stuck in limbo in our consciousness amid fact and folklore. Yet there can only be one of two possibilities; either Bigfoot is real or it is not. If it is real then it needs to be recognized as a species. If not, then there is some kind of mass delusion spanning  thousands of years of Native American folklore and entire continents that can't be simply explained by practical jokes or be mistaken for wild animals such as bears. Either way, the Bigfoot phenomenon needs to be addressed as the reports of sightings never seem to diminish over space and time. The idea of a myth or hoax seems hard to believe, considering the number and similarities of Sasquatch sighting reports. There have been 3,313 reported sightings of Bigfoot in North America between 1921 and 2013 with the same general description; a large muscular bipedal ape-like creature with brown or black hair, roughly 6-9 feet tall, as well as certain behaviors such as throwing rocks, tree knocking sounds ( a form of communication? ) and vocalizations. Some witnesses have no interest in the man-like creature, but describe it in the same detail nonetheless. If only 1 in 10 sightings have been reported ( people may hesitate to report due to ridicule ), then the number of sightings in North America increases to almost 40,000 to present date! There are currently over 330,000 'Bigfoot Stories' videos on Youtube which are being uploaded daily ( there are even Bigfoot live cams in the woods! ). More and more videos and reports are popping up on Youtube due to the availability of video and cell phone cameras, and more articles and blogs are available thanks to the internet. Even drones are now being used to search for Sasquatch. No doubt, some of those sightings are hoaxes, but the fakery must have a foundation on a real event. You can't have an infinite regression of hoaxes. Skeptics may say that the existence of Bigfoot is ridiculous, but saying that every single piece of Bigfoot evidence is fake is equally if not more ridiculous.  Also, the hoax theory cannot explain away certain pronounced characteristics of authentic Bigfoot tracks such as dermal ridges ( 'fingerprint' like patterns on the bottom of the foot ), the distance between each step ( about 40 inches ) and the depth of the track indicating a weight of hundreds of pounds. 

     Most of us don't think about Bigfoot or even consider its existence because we are so cut off from the natural environment living in our urban cities and homes. Perhaps we are just too preoccupied with the concerns and activities of our daily lives to even think about such creatures, or because our minds tend to filter in only rational information and reject unfamiliar material. Nevertheless, a Sasquatch species could easily exist in North America, considering that there are hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of sustainable forest for it to live and hide in, and there are certain sightings 'hot spots' on a map of North America, they are far from random. Still, some people hesitate to believe that such a creature exists. It may be hard to imagine that a 6-9 foot man-like creature could be living in the woods close to where we live. They certainly seem to avoid contact with humans. Also, Bigfoot seems to get grouped together with the paranormal; UFO's, ghosts, crop circles, etc....so people may tend to shrug to stories off. Bigfoot should be strictly considered anthropology, since its origins may be traced back to early hominids living in Asia and migrating to North America along with humans across the land bridge during the last ice age.  

      Currently Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing is taking the matter of Bigfoot to a California court with an "overwhelming" amount of evidence, including DNA and hair samples, in order to recognize the existence of the creature in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as California. This article contains what I consider to be the 'best of the best' evidence of Sasquatch, after watching hundreds of videos and reading many other articles and books over the past few years. The evidence is there, enough to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot. The evidence isn't going to come to us, we have to look for it...

       "Because it is so unbelievable, the truth often escapes being known."                                                                                                                        - Heraclitus
(Below) Pictograph of what is believed to be several Bigfoot in a rockshelter in Painted Rock, Sierra Nevada, California.
Bigfoot sightings in North America go back hundreds of years as they are part of Native American folklore. Tribes completely separated from each other all have a story about Sasquach with a similar description; 6-9 feet tall, covered with hair and living in the woods. They are unable to speak but make grunting and whistle sounds and after forage at night. Various Native Indian names for Bigfoot include Ba'wis, Bush Indians, Hairy Man, Lofa, Nakani, Omah, Seeahtlk, Siatco, Skootum and Stick Indians.
Video below: Native American names for Bigfoot and masks
                                                                              WHAT IS BIGOOT?
If Bigfoot is real then what could it be? There are many anthropological theories, mainly about a hominid crossing over to North America along with humans during the last Ice Age about 11,700 years ago. The four main theories are Neanderthal, Gigantopithicus, Dryopithecus and Homo Heidelbergensis.
Video #1) Thinkerthunker from Youtube suggests the possibility that Bigfoot is a Neanderthal by comparing humans and Neanderthal skeletons to authentic Bigfoot photos. Video #2) Primatologist Bob Gymlan's theory that Bigfoot could be a descendant of Gigantopithicus. Video #3) Todd Standing discusses the possibility of Bigfoot being Gigantopithicus.
                                                                                  MAP OF SIGHTINGS
(Above, click to enlarge) Map of Sasquatch sightings in North America between 1921 and 2013, about 3,300 sightings. Note that the sighting locations are far from random, with most of the sightings concentrated on the west coast and the eastern side from Ohio down through Florida. What if only one in ten sightings were reported? Then there would be ten times as many actual sightings!
                     OTHER KNOWN ANIMALS THAT WERE CONSIDERED                                             TO BE A MYTH AT ONE TIME
(Above) Some people consider Bigfoot to be a myth, yet all these animals known to exist today were once thought to by only myths at certain times and places in human history. 1) Mountain Gorilla - thought to be a myth up until 1902. 2) Giant Squid - a myth by scientists up until 2004 when it was photographed in its natural environment. 3) Tiger - Were often seen in Ancient Rome, but were only a legend in Europe during the same time period. 4)  Giraffe - A myth in Ancient Greece and China until 1400. 5) Giant Panda - A myth IN CHINA up until 1869, and first seen in Europe in 1916. 6) Komodo Dragon - First photographed in 1910, and two live specimens captured in 1926.
         NEWSPAPER ARTICLES GOING BACK TO THE 1800's OF                                     POSSIBLE SASQUATCH SIGHTINGS
Various newspaper articles of possible Sasquatch sightings as far back as 1871. Interesting how descriptions back in the 1800's are similar to today's Bigfoot sightings. One of the first reported Bigfoot sightings dates back to January 1811, near Jasper, Alberta. A trader named David Thompson reported footprints in the snow 14 inches long and 8 inches wide with four large toes.
                             THE PATTERSON/GIMLIN FILM
On October 20th, 1967, filmmaker Roger Patterson captured on film what is considered to be the best evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. The 53 seconds of 16mm film captured what is to believed to be a female Sasquatch walking in an open area deep within the woods along Bluff Creek in Northern California. Some estimates place 'Patty' at over seven feet tall, weighing about 700lbs with 14 1/2 inch footprints. Over the past 50 years the 952 frames of film have been analyzed by scientists, video experts and anthropologists. To this day no one has ever been able to prove that the film is a hoax ( even with today's computer imaging technology which can enhance, pinpoint joint and muscle movements and stabilize old film footage! ). Also, the Patterson film has NEVER been duplicated by a human ( wonder why? ). The following video tells the amazing story of the Patterson/Gimlin film....
Video #1) Thinkerthunker's analysis of the arm to leg length ratios in the Patterson film Bigfoot compared to a human ( way off!! ). Video #2) Fake Bigfoot costume compared to the Patterson film Bigfoot.
Video #3) Thinkerthunker suggests that the Patterson Bigfoot was at least 7 feet tall, using the trees as a reference. Video #4) An athlete in a laboratory attempts to replicate the unusual gait ( walking pattern ) of the Patterson Bigfoot, and failed!
(Above) Estimated dimensions of the Patterson Bigfoot by researcher John Green. A height of 80 inches hunched over would equal to about 86 inches ( or 7 feet ) standing straight. Also, the shoulder width of 34 inches is equal the the width of an typical door frame. The average shoulder width of an human is about 18 inches. 
(Above Left) Frame 61 of the Patterson film, revealing the bottom of the foot. If it were a costume then we would see a human foot or boot. Also, the foot is consistent with Sasquatch footprints. (Above right) Roger Patterson holding casts of footprints made at the filming site. Patterson estimated the Bigfoot to be 7'4" tall, and always asserted the film as being authentic right up until his death in 1972.
Amazing how the 'costume' in the Patterson film, by far the best and most popular costume ever made ( even way better than what was created for the 1968 movie 'Planet of the Apes' which won an Academy Award for Outstanding Make-Up ) has never surfaced. And the identity of the mystery 'costume maker' of the best costume ever made has never been revealed on over 50 years! Thinkerthunker explains it very well in this 2014 video....
"The Patterson-Gimlin film is an authentic documentary of a genuine female hominid, popularly known as Sasquatch or BIgfoot, filmed in the Bluff Creek area of Northern California not later than October 1967" - Russian hominologist Dmitri Bayanov, 1977
                             911 CALL - BIGFOOT SIGHTING
                                      This is an actual 911 call of a possible Bigfoot sighting in Washington State in 1990.
Here are some supposed photos of authentic Sasquatch somewhere in northern Canada. The detail is incredible, so they are either amazing photos or amazing fake photos of masks. I would like to believe they are real, since I wouldn't want to to stick a mask right on to my eyeballs ( take a close look at the eyelids ). These photos have received a lot of controversy, but I have also posted a video below of Todd himself explaining how they could not have been faked.....
(Below) Video footage of the same Sasquatch photos above. It has received a lot of controversy, mainly because of the eye blink of the second Bigfoot looks fake to some. Not sure how some people who know next to nothing about Bigfoot already know beforehand how a Sasquatch is supposed to blink. Also, because it apparently does not move. Actually it does move ( near the end of the video ) if you look closely enough...
              FOOTPRINTS - Where there smoke there is fire
There have been hundreds of Sasquatch footprints found in North America, some deep within the woods where people rarely venture into, or places where people go hiking once every ten years. Very strange places indeed to make hoax footprints, although human made hoax footprints do occur from time to time, or be mistaken for animal tracks such as bears. Authentic footprints range from 10 to 19 inches long! There are five main characteristics of Bigfoot footprints to take into consideration:

                                             1) Dermal ridges - fingerprint like patterns found on the heel or the toes 

                                             2) Midtarsal break - a crease in the middle of the footprint indicating a flexing of the mid heel

                                             3) Depth of footprint - A Bigfoot weighing hundreds of pounds will leave a deep footprint

                                             4) Length of step - much longer than a human stride, about 40 inches apart

                                             5) Narrow gait - left and right footprints are close together, like 'tightrope' walking

         (Above) Various photos of Bigfoot footprints throughout North America over the past 60 years. A very good video                 below about authentic Sasquatch footprints complete with 'fingerprint' ridges and scars examined by a forensic expert.
(Below) The famous 'Cripplefoot' footprints, Bossburg, Washington, November 1969. The right foot is clearly deformed and is the result of either a spinal cord injury, a dislocation of one of the metatarsal bones in the foot, or a case of 'clubfoot'. The right footprint measures 17 1/2" long and 6" wide at the ball of the foot. The chances of a hoax are considered to be 'non-existant' as they have been examined by several anthropologists and concluded that the footprints are authentic.
Film footage of Bigfoot can be a 'win-win' situation for skeptics. If the footage is filmed far away, blurry and shaky then it's 'very convenient', making it hard to see the Sasquatch and therefore a hoax. If the Bigfoot is close to the cameraman then it would be impossible to get so close to the creature in real life and therefore a hoax. First, someone filming a Bigfoot may have shaky film footage because they suddenly see it while it's moving quickly without having the video camera ready ( they seem to avoid humans). Also, witnessing a Sasquatch in real life may be a frightful experience and therefore cause their hands to shake. Second, the footage could be old ( reel to reel film or low definition video ). HD ( high definition ) video may will also pixelate when zoomed in. High definition video does not remain high definition forever, eventually it breaks down to pixels. Third, video loses quality when uploaded to websites such as Youtube. The video below is a collection of some Bigfoot sightings captured on video. Most sightings seem authentic, but some look questionable. Either way, they are certainly interesting to watch and are fun to speculate about and examine........
(Below) After several sightings, a real Bigfoot warning sign was place in Pike National Forest, Colorado in 1990, where there have been many Bigfoot encounters as far back as the 1800's.
                   AUDIO RECORDINGS OF POSSIBLE BIGFOOT                   
 Vocalizations of possible Bigfoot recorded in April, 2003 in Snohomish County, Washington. Whatever is making the sounds is way out of range of the human voice.  A good variety of different sounds....

The scientific community does not take Bigfoot nor the evidence supporting it seriously, since particular incidences of footprints or Sasquatch sightings turned out to be fraud and therefore explained away without any further investigation. Also, science demands hard physical evidence, and in this particular case, a body of a Bigfoot. Since no body has ever been officially been found and studied, this becomes further proof that Bigfoot remains no more than a myth. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It would be extremely difficult to discover a body or bones of a Sasquatch for several reasons:

- decomposition occurs very quickly in a forest, bodies break down to matter very quickly and are also food sources for many animals and insects

- acidic level of North American soil is high, and therefore bones break down 

- there are no ( known ) fossils of Bigfoot because fossilization is a very slow process requiring thousands of years ( much longer than Bigfoot have been in North America ) as bones are gradually replaced by minerals. The conditions for bones to become fossils have to be just right, therefore only one skeleton in several thousand ever becomes a fossil

- unlikely to find a Sasquatch body due to the immence size and density of forests and woodlands covering thousands of quare kilometers. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack

- Bigfoot probably have a low population of only a few thousand in North America ( no one could ever know for sure how many ) and therefore a low population density in any given area

- Neanderthals intentionally buried their dead as several skeletons have been found in Europe that have been meticulously placed in holes in the ground along with personal items and flowers. Perhaps Bigfoot do the same thing since they would be hominids and therefore highly intelligent

Hypothetical situations:

- someone with a gun might see Bigfoot but wouldn't shoot because it looks 'too human', or be mistaken for a human

- Shooting a Bigfoot would only injure it due to its immense size

- a Sasquatch would probably weigh at least 700 lbs, so unless you own a bulldozer then good luck trying to drag one out of the woods

- Bigfoot would be very aware of their surroundings. They know we humans are coming when walking ( or stomping ) in the woods as we would make a lot of noise and not even realize it. We would be in THEIR territory, not the other way around ( the movement and sounds of birds and other animals would give away our presence to allow plenty of time for a Bigfoot to hide )

- a Sasquatch would be covered with dark hair and therefore very well camouflaged. An intelligent creature living in the woods would also be an expert at stealth behavior and remain undetected. A human could walk close by a Bigfoot and not even know it

Peter Mayhew, the seven foot three actor who played 'Chewbacca' in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, was required to be escorted by crew workers wearing brightly coloured clothing and was warned not to wander off set during filming in the forests of Northern California due to the possibility of being shot by hunters as he may have been mistaken for Bigfoot.
                                            DNA EVIDENCE
Often in the Bigfoot and scientific communities, people ask for DNA tests from possible hair or blood samples found from a variety of places such as on tree bark or in footprints associated with Sasquatch sightings. Unfortunately, testing for Bigfoot DNA is a no win situation. Bigfoot would already have to be proven to exist in order to compare the found DNA to. The best possible results would be that the animal would be 'unknown' or a possible 'primate'. However, in 2013 a study called 'The Ketchum Project' claims to have verified the existence of a hominin species in North America known as 'Bigfoot' through DNA sequencing. In the video below, genetic scientist Dr. Melba Ketchum discusses the results of the project...

                                 BIGFOOT SIGHTING AREAS

Large tree structures have been found throughout North America in areas associated with Bigfoot sightings and footprints, especially in Colorado. In some cases the trees, weighing hundreds of pounds, have been either tipped over to form perfect X's, or ripped out of the ground to form multiple interlocking structures. Sometimes the trees have been turned upside down, with the trunk facing upwards. Smaller structures, possibly shelters, have also been found. There are hundreds of these large tree structures, just search 'Bigfoot Tree Structures' on Youtube to see more. Here are just some examples below. 
                         (left) A video of several tree structure photos ( by Colorado Bigfoot ). (right) Lest Stroud from Survivorman, his theory                                                                                          and analysis of the tree strutcures.
 "The big, bad unknown is only that until it is known. Then you look back and wonder what all the fuss and worry was about."                                                     - S.A.Tawks, The Spirit of Pessimism 
Thanks for viewing my Bigfoot webpage! I hope you found the articles, photos and videos intriguing, or at least thought provoking. Indeed, it's hard to watch just one due to their mysterious nature. There are thousands of other Bigfoot analysis videos on Youtube, far too many to share on this page. To see more of these videos, simply go to Youtube.com and search for 'Bigfoot analysis'. You may also want to search Youtube for:

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